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LX-Y01 Embossing Machine

Embossing Machine is for embossing logos on webbing materials, it includes an automatic tape feed system

Applicable webbing material:  strap / band /belt with feeder is used for embossing logo / label onto elastic tape , nylon tape , PP belt , bag belt , luggage strap , safety belt , underwear strap , narrow fabric etc

Provide technical support and maintenance services, can develop molds and provide processing services

    LX-Y01 Embossing Machine advantages:

    1. Labor saving, with automatic tape feeding system and tape receiving system, independent and stable tension control system
    2. High stability, can realize automatic tension adjustment of elastic webbing and non-elastic webbing, can embossing 4 tapes at the same time
    3. For belts of different materials, this machine has the function of hot pressing and high frequency automatic switching to ensure that the product will not damage the ring and ensure that it does not rebound after washing.
    4. The machine is controlled by PLC touch screen, easy to operate

    Machine Parameter
    Model Max. machine speed Power Voltage Air pressure Oscillation Size of workbench Dimension Weight
    LX-Y01 4 pcs*5m/min 5 KW 380 V 6 kg/cm2 12.7Mhz 590*390mm 3000*1100*2150 mm 250kg

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