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Heat transfer material

Hot transfer film is a film product with or without release paper, which can be conveniently operated continuously or intermittently. It can be widely used in various fabrics, paper, polymer materials and metal bonding.

1.Has a good consistent and uniform bonding thickness.
2.Easy to process, no solvent.
3.Good adhesion to many objects.
4.The thickness is 0.1-0.203MM, and the color is translucent / amber
5.Can be punched into precise shapes and sizes, suitable for pure manual or automated applications.


    Can be bonded to various materials such as metal, plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, textiles, etc., and good results can be obtained by bonding on uneven surfaces; mainly used for bonding nameplates, plastics, hardware, electronic products Adhesive fixing of the outer shell, adhesive fixing of the reinforcing plate, laminating and bonding of smart cards and chip passports, bonding of the window frame and front cover of the mobile phone, bonding of the camera battery slot, etc.