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KPU products

KPU Support Equipment

KPU Support Equipment features:

There are a total of eight supporting equipment, each of which performs its own duties, and at the same time makes our production more simple and convenient, shortens the operation time, and improves production efficiency.

Provide technical support and maintenance services, can develop molds

    KPU Pre-heating Oven (material preheating)

    KPU Pre-heating Oven adopts a sealed design, the temperature in the box can be adjusted at will, and is equipped with a temperature control device, which has the advantages of energy saving, power saving and safety. Since the KPU material cannot be used directly at normal temperature, it must be preheated to a certain temperature under the premise of stirring and mixing before it can be used to the next process.

    Machine Parameter
    Code Dimension Power Weight
    LX-U10-1 900*700*1020mm 3.5kw/220V 80kg
    LX-U10-2 11580*1020*1330mm 6kw/380V 150kg

    KPU Work Table With Stirring (Ingredients)

    KPU Work Table With Stirring is a device that mixes and mixes KPU raw materials uniformly. It can mix and mix all liquid materials such as KPU/PVC/liquid silicone/liquid rubber. The equipment has the advantages of easy operation, simple and compact structure, and long service life.

    Machine Parameter
    Code Dimension Power
    LX-U12 1000*600mm 0.3kw/220V

    KPU Vacuum Machine (Packing deaeration)

    KPU Vacuum Machine is a vacuum defoaming process for materials (PVC, Silicone, KPU, TPR) to ensure the quality of manufactured products. The machine has the advantages of simple operation and not easy to damage.

    Machine Parameter
    Code Dimension Power Remark
    LX-U13 1350*700mm 5kw/380V With 70L vacuum pump

    KPU Heating Conveyo (Initial Plasticization) 

    KPU Heating Conveyor is mainly for the preliminary curing of the KPU material on the mold. The machine adopts a tunnel design. After the mold is placed in the tunnel, it automatically flows into the baking box. The flow speed and temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily and a constant temperature device is configured to achieve the purpose of energy saving and power saving. In addition, the equipment can also be used for baking other materials, which can improve the problem of high defect rate of traditional manual baking molds.

    Machine Parameter
    Code Dimension Power Remark
    LX-U15 7000*750*1000mm 12kw/380V 5M Oven

    KPU Baking Oven And KPU Drying Shelf (Ripening) 

    KPU Baking Oven can be used on any object that needs to be baked or heated. It belongs to an all-round sealed baking, with a temperature control device to set the temperature arbitrarily to achieve the purpose of safety and energy saving. In addition, the size of the box can be customized, and the four feet are equipped with movable rollers, which can move in any direction, and the moving process is labor-saving and convenient.

    Machine Parameter
    Code Dimension Power
    LX-U20 1750*1000*2200mm 6kw/380V

    KPU Drying Shelf uses a laminated steel frame structure, which can be used to store lighter and thinner pieces of objects, which can effectively reduce the floor space. It needs to be used in conjunction with KPU Baking Oven. The bottom of the Melaleuca frame is a pulley, which can be quickly and quickly pushed into the KPU Baking Oven for baking, and the placement will not overlap, so that the baking is even.

    Machine Parameter
    Code Dimension
    LX-U21 1000*650*1480mm

    KPU Mould Cleaning Box (Mold Surface Treatment) 

    KPU Mould Cleaning Box is to process the used KPU mold, and then spray the release agent on the mold to process its debris, so that it will not affect the next product manufacturing effect. The bottom of the machine is designed with a rolling steel tube, which is convenient for mold handling and placement, and the outside is sealed to prevent other debris from falling into.

    Mould Backing Conveyor (Empty Transfer)  

    Mould Backing Conveyor is a process of circulating back the processed mold. Its structure is a motor-driven chain flow type, the speed can be adjusted freely, the performance is safe and stable, and it can withstand heavy and hot objects for transportation, instead of manual handling. While avoiding potential safety hazards, it also speeds up the timely return of the mold and reduces the residence time of the mold, thereby improving production efficiency. The equipment is a non-standard product, the length and width can be determined according to customer needs.

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