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Pre-shrinking Machine

LX-Y02 Pre-shrinking Machine

LX-Y02 Pre-shrinking Machine
is to solve the problem that fiber fabrics or woven belts will undergo a certain accumulated deformation after being subjected to a certain tension during processing, plus the heat and moisture properties of the fiber itself, it will produce a shrinkage effect before and after the finished product , Thereby affecting the size and processing quality of the finished product.

Application Material:Pure Cotton, Polyester Cotton, Hemp Cotton, Blended Fabrics, Various Braided Belts, Elastic Webbing.

The machine has an automatic loose tape system, 8 independent tape feeding systems, an automatic pre-shrinking system, an automatic tape-retracting system, automatic tension control of the elasticity of the webbing, and the pre-shrinkage rate can be set according to the shrinkage rate of the webbing itself.

    Product Advantages:  

    1. Equipped with special encoder frequency conversion motor.
    2. Man-machine interface operation, visual reduction rate.
    3. Special heating system design, high precision temperature control and uniformity.
    4. Using intelligent heating, thermal energy balance, automatic temperature control, with the characteristics of fast heating and fast cooling.

    Machine Parameter
    Code LX-Y02 Pre-shrinking Machine
    Dimension L7000*W2500*H2600mm
    Max. Machine Speed 8PCS*10m/min
    Total Power 10KW
    Voltage AC/380V
    Pre-shrinking Temperature 60-120℃
    Max. Shrinkage After Wash 2-10%
    Max. Fabrics Width 450mm
    Heating System Oil Heating / Steam Heating
    Control System PLC
    Weight 900kg

    *This machine can be customized, welcome to consult.

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