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LX-P800 Automatic Dripping Machine

Applied materials for automatic dripping machine:

Liquid PVC, liquid silicone, ink and other liquid material.

Full computer control, dispensing accuracy up to 0.001g, fast dispensing speed, simple programming

Provide technical support and maintenance services, can customize molds and dispensing procedures

    Application range of LX-P800 Automatic Dripping Machine:

        Suitable for PVC signs, PVC non-slip mats, PVC bar counter mats, coasters, non-slip mats, refrigerator stickers, PVC photo frames, PVC car mats, zipper heads, PVC drip soles, PVC shoe strips, Disney key chain pendants, doll Processing of toys, silicone trademarks, silicone signs, silicone mobile phone sets, silicone watch bands and other silicone jewelry gifts.

    12 color automatic dripping machine advantages:

    1. No computer can work, also be programmed by computer or teach box both;

    2. Three axis (X. Y. Z), easy installation, easy operation, foreigners even can install and run the machine with our manual and English instruction without Chinese specialist coming;

    3. Twelve dripping head can work 12 cavities same time and also can work 4 cavities with 3 different color. One machine can save 4 to 6 workers;

    4.Twelve fast button can run 12 different design same time very easily and fast, 12 shortcut keys to control the discharge of each dispensing head;

    5. Heavy weight with 380 KG can work with highest speed at 0.8m per second;

    6.Higher precision with 0.001 mm and big capacity memory card can save more than 65000 files;

    7. Machine will be equipped with logo shop software freely for programming and it can work with all data setting and image edit and machines link adjustment;

    8. It can work with PVC, silicone, ink, paint, etc.


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