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Manual Dispensing Equipment

Product Brief:

The manual dispensing equipment includes a total of two machines, both of which are semi-automatic dispensing equipment. They are generally used on equipment with many types and specifications of dispensing products, and are not suitable for mass-produced items. The space is small, with the advantages of automatic circulation function and digital time control circuit. The machine is suitable for frequent operation and can effectively reduce labor intensity.

Application Material:

PVC, liquid silicone and various liquid materials.
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    LX-P/S01 Dripping Perfusing Machine  
    LX-P/S01 Dripping Perfusing Machine controls the size of the dispensing gel by adjusting the syringe pressure, dispensing time and the size of the nozzle, and then triggers the foot pedal switch to dispense an equal amount of adhesive (the error does not exceed 0.1%) . In addition, the machine also has the function of motion glue dispensing, which means that the glue dispensing is not controlled by the time controller, and only the length of the foot pedal opening and closing time is used to control the glue dispensing time.

    LX-E02-2 Work Table  

    LX-E02-2 Work Table
    can be filled with silicone and PVC materials. It is very convenient to use the proof, and its dispensing is good and accurate.
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