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Automatic Silicone Three-dimensional Printing Machine

Application Range:  
The fully automatic silicone 3D printing machine
is suitable for all kinds of belts such as textile, webbing, PP, PE belt, round rope and so on. Screen printing Silicone (silicone), various three-dimensional patterns, trademarks on the tape. The machine can be used for silicone printing, and can also be used for traditional screen ink printing. It has a selection function and can realize 1-6 colors of printing.

Appilcation Material:

This machine prints 3D effects on various textile webbing.

    Product Advantages: 

    1.The operation of the equipment is simple and convenient.
    2.Adopt safety design concept to improve operation safety.
    3.It adopts imported accessories and has a compact structure design and is durable.

    Application range of processed products:

    Silicone silk screen printing of clothing pieces, clothing materials, swimwear, caps, curtains, bags, gloves, cotton socks, various types of webbing, etc.

    Machine Parameter

    LX-SE01-1 LX-SE01-2 LX-SE01-3 Remark
    Halftone 2 3 4
    Printing Color 2 3 4
    Conveyor Belt Width 300mm 300mm 300mm
    Positioning Electrical Photo-cell Tracing Electrical Photo-cell Tracing
    Electrical Photo-cell Tracing

    Min. Tape Width 3mm 3mm

    Max. Tape Width 260mm 260mm

    Max. Printing Area L650*W260 L650*W260
    Printing length determines speed
    Running Speed 600-800Time/h 800-2600Time/h 1000-3200Time/h Printing length determines speed
    Oven Temperature 50-200℃ 50-200℃
    Printing material
    determines temperature

    Measurement L18000*W1000*H1850 L15500*W550*H1850 L19500*W550*H1850
    Printing material
    determines temperature

    Weight 2000kg 1500kg 2000kg
    Air Requirement 6kg/cm² 6kg/cm²

    Electrical Requirement 24KW/380V  AC 6-24KW/380V  AC
    8-24KW/380V  AC
    Printing material
    determines temperature

    Product renderings: 

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