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Silicone products

Baking Equipment

Product Brief:
The baking equipment section contains a total of two machines, namely LX-P/S02 Mould Baking Table and LX-P/S05 Automatic Baking Oven. The two machines each have their own unique uses, and each performs its own duties. It is simple and convenient to operate, and it will be better to use together.

Application Material:
PVC,  liquid silicone

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    LX-P/S02 Mould Baking Table 

    LX-P/S02 Mould Baking Table is used for the baking and molding of a relatively small number of products, with constant temperature control and open operation. The work is convenient and intuitive, and the baking time and temperature can be set arbitrarily.

    Machine parameter
    Code LX-P/S02
    Work Size(mm) 300*600
    Heating Power(KW) 4.5
    Voltage(V) AC/380
    Temperature(℃) 0~350
    Weight(KG) 55
    Dimension(mm) L850*W300*H750

    LX-P/S05 Automatic Baking Oven 

    LX-P/S05 Automatic Baking Oven is the exclusive baking equipment for drip plastic products. The automatic performance is high, which is more power-saving and easier to operate than the traditional iron plate oven.

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