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LX-C01 CNC Engraving Machine

The engraving machine can apply various planes on the material cutting, for example: two-dimensional carving, three-dimensional carving. Used in the production of bronze, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and other metal surface carving, carving decorative patterns and artistic graphic crafts

Applied materials: various metal materials

Various types of molds can be customized, please consult:)

    Advantages of products:

    1.Many function. It can apply many kind of material cutting, such as: bronze, stainless steel, titanium gold, aluminum and other metal surface engraving.

    2.Easy installation, foreigners even can install and run the machine with our manual and English instruction without Chinese specialist coming.

    3. With AC Servo Motor Driven system, easy to operation, High speed.

    4. With WeiHong NK -300 Mold System and Automatic Lubricant system, high precision metal engraving.

    5.Saving labors .

    6.High rate of qualified products

    7.Fully automatic

    8.Non-experienced workers can also run the production.

    Machine Parameter
    Model Work table size
    XYZ Work Load Journey
    Max Work Load
    Main Spindle Power
    Max Moving Speed
    Max Machining speed
    Main Spindle Running
    Cooling System
    Drive System
    Positioning precision
    Repeat Positioning precision
    Lubricant system
    System Model
    LX-C01 500×400mm 500×400×200mm 150KG 1.5KW 12M 8M 3000-24000RPM Oil Cooling AC Servo Motor 0.005 0.003 AV/380V Automatic Weihong NK-300 2000KG L1800×W1500×H1900
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