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Silicone material

Liquid silicone (one part coating silicone)

Model: LX-1680, LX-7380

Weight: 20kg/barrel

Our company specializes in the application technology, R & D, production and sales of textile silicone materials.
At the same time, it also acts as a special silicone material for foreign brands: such as Germany (BAYER), Japan, France (WACKER) (RHODIA, South Korea (ECOSIL), Herant (HCA) and other international brands of liquid silicone.


        Liquid Silicone material is suitable for anti-slip coating of textiles and fabrics (Lycra cloth, stretch cloth, swimming cloth, stockings, socks, lace, sexy underwear, bra,Textile printing silicone material is suitable for printing various types of textile fabrics (silk screen printing of clothing pieces, swimwear, caps, curtains, backpacks, gloves, various webbings, etc.)

       The main varieties are: Special silicone for webbing glue, anti-slip silicone for lace glue coating, sock glue, webbing glue, lace glue, seamless underwear glue silicone, underwear bra glue silicone, sock plastic non-slip silicone, trademark silicone, silicon embossed silicone , Molded silicone, ribbon printing silicone, right angle effect printing silicone, rounded corner effect printing silicone, matte silicone, thick printing silicone, single-component silicone, two-component silicone, insole silicone, leather silicone, thermal transfer silicone, 0 Degree silicone, solid silicone etc.

    The above silicone material meets the OEKO-TEX100 environmental protection certification of the EU textile industry. The quality is stable, the delivery is on time, and the service is satisfactory

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