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LX-ST04 Seamless Silicone Coating Machine


LX-ST04 Seamless silicone coating machine mainly used for silicone underwear coatings such as seamless underwear, one-piece bra, underwear, cut pieces, socks, trousers, umbilical protection, cups and so on. Increase elasticity, anti-skid, breathable, anti-allergic, increase tension, not slippery in water

It can realize straight line, wavy shape, diamond shape, etc., fully automated operation, program control, fast production speed, less waste, stable performance.

    Application area:

    Seamless silicone coating on underwear, anti-skid underpants, anti-skid underpants, medical or casual pantyhose silicone coated non-slip, adhesive for sports headbands, circular pattern, adhesive for cutting pieces, etc.

    This machine has two models: flat and roller coating.

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