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LX-ST02 Automatic Silicone Coating Machine

Automatic Silicone Coating Machine is suitable for non-elastic webbing, underwear shoulder strap, elastic webbing, and silicone coating on the surface of lace, which can play the role of anti-slip and anti-skid, and at the same time can increase the tensile force of the product, breathable, anti-skin allergy, soft webbing and skin contact Marks to protect the skin

Application material: liquid silicone

It can realize linear, wavy and cross-shaped glue dispensing. The operation of the equipment is simple and convenient, saving manpower
Low equipment failure rate and high output (up to 1200m / h)
The equipment is equipped with an automatic coloring system, which can add various color pastes and flavors to the silicone

    Configuration structure:

    First, Glue supply system:

    1. Adopt frequency conversion energy-saving motor.

    2. The gear pump adopts German technology high-precision gear pump to ensure accurate and stable feeding of rubber.

    Second, the head part:

    1. Adopt Japanese Mitsubishi PLC.

    2. Adopt WEINVIEW man-machine interface (7 inches), a world-class brand.

    3. The main control motor adopts Japanese Panasonic servo motor, accurate and stable feeding system, no noise.

    4.Adopt high-precision dispensing platform.

    5. Adopt Hailip frequency converter.

    6. Adopt Japan Omron intermediate relay.

    Third Body:

    1. All adopt the carbon steel baking paint process, which is corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant and elegant.

    2. The whole machine adopts automatic balance tension control.

    3. The chassis body has a thermal insulation design to maximize energy saving.

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