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LX-ST03 Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine

LX-ST03 Automatic Silicone Lace Coating Machine is mainly aimed at lace lace, webbing and silicone coating on various textile surfaces to increase elasticity, anti-skid, tensile effect, environmental protection, anti-allergic, and protect the skin.

Application Material:Silicone
The equipment is equipped with an automatic coloring system, which can add various color pastes and flavors to the silicone.
The fully automatic lace coating machine is the best equipment for textile application coating silicone processing.

    Configuration structure: 

    1. Japanese "Keyence" man-machine interface (touch screen) operation.
    2. Japanese "Mitsubishi PLC" control system.
    3. Taiwan "Hilipu" frequency device.
    4. Taiwan servo motor and variable speed motor.

    Product Advantages: 

    1.Automatically retrieve faults and automatically stop.
    2.Fully automated operation, fully computer controlled.
    3.The equipment automatically calculates output, automatically adjusts product tension, and automatically measures silicone.
    4.The operation is simple and the production speed is fast.
    5.Reasonable design, easy maintenance, good performance of seals, durable.

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