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LX-P008 Automatic Liquid Injection Machine

LX-P008 is mainly suitable for single-sided and double-sided products, coasters, signs, key chains, U disk sets, eyeglass frames, sliders, zipper pulls with ropes, metal buckle sliders, mobile phone sets and various craft products Plastic products

Application Material: Liquid PVC

    Advantages of LX-P008:

    1. All parts of the product are manufactured using advanced technology, which is easy to design and maintain, not easy to damage, and improves product life.
    2. It adopts the latest advanced technology of injection liquid PVC, from injection, molding, cooling and one-time molding.
    3. Compared with traditional and complicated processes, Lixin machinery is easy to design and operate, with low raw material loss, high production efficiency and good product quality stability.
    4. Save labor, the production efficiency is 4 times that of the traditional, can make monochrome and multi-color products.

    Compared with traditional technology for manufacturing double-sided products, Lixin Liquid PVC Vertical Injection Molding Machine has unique advantages in manufacturing double-sided products

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