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LX-S05 Liquid Silicone Brand Shaping Machine

LX-S05 Liquid Silicone Brand Shaping Machine
is suitable for the processing of clothing trademarks LOGO, T-shirts, outdoor bumper strips, luggage trademarks, shoe labels, gloves, sock trademarks, underwear pants trademarks, hats, and various knitted sweater trademarks and other products

Application Material: Liquid PVC Liquid Silicone

    Advantages of products:

    1. This machine is equipped with six working heads, the mold is automatically constant temperature cooled, and the automatic precise constant temperature heating.
    2. Adopt high-speed hydraulic stabilization system, automatic sliding table, save labor, new type of energy saving, easy operation, high production efficiency, high product yield and small footprint.
    3. Machine performance. Stable and durable, low failure rate.

    Machine Parameter
    Working Head
    Heating plate
    Slider size
    Air pressure
    Cooling method

    LX-S05 6 200*300 450*550 5 6 380 Water Cooling 680 2500×1300×

    Supporting Facilities: 
    LX-S01 Table-type Stirring Machine can be used to stir a small amount of materials, such as PVC, silicone, KPU and other materials.

    LX-S02 Vacuum Machine can be used for vacuum defoaming of silicone material, PVC and other materials, so that the manufactured products will not have bubbles.

    Machine Parameter
    Code LX-S02
    Work Head 2PC
    Voltage 380AC/V
    Weight 120KG
    Dimension L1000*W700*H1100mm
    Power 1.5KW

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