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LX-S07 Solid Silicone Brand Shaping Machine

Solid silicone brand shaping machine can be applied to various kinds of silicone product manufacturing, such as wristband, bangle, silicone mobile phone cover, kitchen tool, promotional gift, debossed or embossed bracelet, food mold, accessories, Remote controller button, mat etc.

The operation is convenient. After the mold cools, put the solid silicone on the mold, and then the machine will make the raw materials into various silicone products

Production capacity of 1 standard machine: approximately: 3000 pieces every 8 hours

    Performance introduction:

    1. PLC and touch screen control can realize manual and automatic control. It can realize automatic control, exhaust, temperature control, curing time, alarm and mold opening and discharging functions; touch screen timely displays the hot plate temperature in the heating area.
    2. The hydraulic cylinder is made of ZG270-500, and the plunger is made of dense textured cold-hard alloy cast iron, which is cast after fine grinding; the hydraulic cylinder is sealed in the form of YX-type sealing ring.
    3. The hot plate adopts the edge of the hydraulic automatic iron pan, under the action of the four-cylinder hot plate, it is on both sides of the gasket at the same time; the hot plates at both ends of the device to prevent the gasket from overlapping.
    4. Each heating zone of the electric heating plate is equipped with a set of temperature regulating valve groups. Under the control of PLC, the temperature of each heating zone of the electric heating plate is uniform.
    5. Hydraulic system: Use well-known hydraulic systems at home and abroad.

    Machine Parameter
    Code  KN       Heating Plate Dimension
    L*W (mm)
    Total Power (KW)  Heating Power (V) Voltage (V) Weight (KG) Dimension
    L*W*H (mm)
    LX=S07 50 300*300 4 7.5 AC/380 450 1000*1500*1200

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