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LX-E01 Automatic Production line

Automatic production line is used for PVC soft rubber drip plastic soles, shoe material trademarks, silicone insoles, silicone soles, PVC edge strips, bar mats, PVC car mats, photo frames, coasters, non-slip mats, refrigerator stickers, Disney accessories toys, Keychain pendants, PVC zipper heads, PVC signs, plastic seals, plastic gifts, etc

Application Material: Liquid PVC

The machine adopts marble workbench, 304 stainless steel chain drive, high-precision control of manual dispensing, new fabric energy-saving temperature-control infrared oven, regular quantitative base material pouring function, high-speed uniform infrared base material energy-saving temperature-control oven, mold without water automatic cooling function , In addition, it also has the function of automatic speed control of empty mode

    Advantages of LX-E01:

    1. Wide range of application: can be used for all kinds of soles.
    2. Semi-automatic production line makes the process efficient and stable.
    3. Large production capacity: non-stop, fast speed, large table size, can work at the same time.
    4. Carry cooling and heating system at the same time, no need for backup heating system.
    5. Two bed barrels can control the amount of materials each time.
    6. This machine can efficiently produce colorful products.
    7. Has passed CE certification.
    8. A variety of sizes are suitable for different customers.
    9. You can use automatic drip machine instead of manual drip to achieve full automatic and more labor-saving.
    *This machine can be customized, please consult:)

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