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LX-E02 PVC Bidirectional Production Line

LX-E02 PVC bidirectional production line is used to produce soft PVC products, such as: PVC key chain / baggage tag / key cover / lighter cover / mouse pad / hairpin / brooch / coaster / fridge sticker / coaster / bar counter / Table mat / slip mat / door card / card reader cover / mobile phone holder / mobile cleaner / mobile phone cover / folder / pen holder etc.

Application Material: Liquid PVC

The production speed is fast, the number of molds is small, energy saving and power saving, labor reduction, less defective products, simple and convenient operation, fully automated production, rationalization of production and automation

    The machine adopts marble workbench, 304 stainless steel chain drive, high-precision control of manual dispensing, new fabric energy-saving temperature-control infrared oven, regular quantitative base material pouring function, high-speed uniform infrared base material energy-saving temperature-control oven, mold without water automatic cooling function , In addition, it also has the function of automatic speed control of empty mode

    Product advantages:
    1) Suitable for smaller workshops and production.
    2) Manual drip table can quickly produce various samples.
    3) Automatic baking and cooling molds can greatly improve production efficiency and output.
    4) Save labor costs, a total of 4-6 workers are sufficient.
    5) Enclosed oven with constant temperature control and energy-saving heating tube, energy saving exceeds 30%.

    *This machine can be customized, warmly consult:)

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